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NEWS REPORT: July 6, 2023 USR Mayor & Council Meeting

Proclamation: Street Smart Campaign July 1 – December 31, 2023
One third of all crashes involve pedestrians; this will bring awareness to the need to be cautious of pedestrians.

June Meeting Notes Approved and Borough bills paid, $4,315,000.

Ordinance 07-23 Approved: A bond ordinance (#07-23) authorizing “various public improvements and the acquisition of new additional or replacement equipment and machinery, new communication and signal systems equipment, new information technology equipment and new automotive vehicles” in the sum of $1,518,000.

Ordinance 08-23 Approved: A bond ordinance (#08-23) “to authorize
the improvement of Carlough Road and Pleasant Avenue” in the amount of $852,000.

Consent Agenda Approved

Ordinance 09-23 Introduced: An ordinance to amend “An ordinance relating to the compensation of certain officers and employees of the Borough of Upper Saddle River, County of Bergen, State of New Jersey.”

o Junior Shade Tree Commission
o Benjamin Sherlock
o Water Impact Committee
o William Spencer
o Jay Perez
o Herbert (Larry) Klein

Motion to Approve revision in Upper Saddle River Fire Department By-Laws.

Public Comments:
o Resident (42-year resident) requested update on Hillside Avenue Development.
Mayor Fardanesh reported that there will be a Hydrogeologist hired in the next month to study the issues which will then
either confirm or deny the suggested risks of the Hillsidedevelopment. There has been a successful meeting between
Congressman Mike Lawler (NY), Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ), NJ State Senator Holly Shepisi and other politicians to discuss the issues of:
 Contaminants
 Water Supply
 High Density Burials
 Request for Hillside Bridge repairs

o Resident requested that the Council be expedient in the hiring of the Hydrogeologist.
o Residents of Castle Hill Court asked about the new No Through Traffic signs that have been placed in the Hillside, Castle Hill, Plymouth area.
Mayor Fardanesh stated that the signs were placed at the discretion of the USRPD. The signs are to deter cut through
traffic. He also discussed the town’s active efforts to receive grants to rebuild the Hillside Avenue Bridge. Because USR has already accepted funds from the DOT the bridge will have to be built to those specs. Councilman Ditkoff stated that residents don’t want the bridge fixed. Councilwoman Florio discussed the history of tractor trailers on Hillside and the traffic issues on the street.

o Resident of Hillside Avenue discussed the unsafe conditions of Hillside Avenue. When the bridge was open
there were difficulties getting out of the driveway, heavy truck use, people using Hillside instead of Route 59 and
no one obeying the 25 MPH speed limit. He said it was an unsafe situation.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.