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NEWS REPORT: Upper Saddle River Mayor and Council Meeting May 2, 2024

New Business

Grant Application Approved for Submission to the Bergen County Trust Fund

The council approved filing a grant application for $112,750 with the Bergen County Trust Fund for the purchase and construction of new grandstand bleachers on the south side of the multi-purpose field. The application also requested funds for an additional multi-sport scoreboard.

2024 Affordable Housing Committee Appointments

The following individuals were appointed to the 2024 Affordable Housing Committee:

Mayor Arman Fardanesh

Planning Board Chairman Joe Donato

Vice Chairman Robert Richardi

Planning Board Member Robert Jacobs

Planning Board Member Daria Fox

Council Member Joanne Florio

Council Member Donna Friedlander

Council Member Richard Lyons

Joseph Burgis, PP, AICP,  Borough Planner

Edward Buzak, Esq, Special Counsel

Introduction of New Ordinance to Exceed Municipal Budget Cost of Living Allowance

Once again, the council has approved a 3.5% increase in the municipal budget cost of living allowance (COLA ) and has approved the establishment of a cap bank.   

USR Citizen Receives Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Robert Andtbacka was recognized for his meritorious service when he rescued and helped to extricate a victim from an accident in town caused by a tree that had fallen on her car. He not only cared for the accident victim while awaiting extrication assistance from local first responder units but also selflessly stayed with her during her removal from the accident site. Dr. Andtbacka was honored and congratulated for being an exemplary “first responder” and a meritorious “neighbor.” 

Public Comments

Resident Karen Sonnenberg inquired about an update on Rockland Sewer District #1. Mayor Fardanesh stated that legal counsel has been engaged but he was not at liberty to discuss the matter because the borough is still pursuing holding Rockland County responsible for water management infractions. 

Wayne Duglin asked if there had been notification sent out prior to a recent funeral at the Hillside Ave cemetery. He stated that the area roads had been “backed up for quite some time.”

Bill Paid

Bills in the amount of $3,562,200.61 were reported to have been paid of which 92% were for the schools. 


Emergency Services Week was declared for May 19-25, 2024.

Mental Health Month, “Movement: Moving More for Mental Health” was declared for the month of May.”