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USR Affordable Housing Plan Approved by Bergen County Superior Court

February 5, 2021

Bergen County Superior Court Judge Christine Farrington today accepted the borough’s plans for affordable housing and awarded a final judgement of compliance and repose to the Borough of Upper Saddle River for its Affordable Housing and Fair Share Housing Plans through July 1, 2025.

In doing so, the court accepted the plans for construction of Affordable and Fair Share Housing the borough has been working on for many years with Planner Joseph Burgis of Burgis Associates, Inc. and the State of New Jersey.

Potential Affordable Housing sites were approved including the following:
1. Plans for 70 Units (69 affordable and 1 superintendent’s apartment) behind Porcelanosa
2. Overlay Zone 1: located at Route 17 South and Park Way
3. Overlay Zone 2: 3 lots located on Route 17 North
4. Overlay Zone 3: 1 property located adjacent to lots in Overlay Zone 2
5. Overlay Zone 4: Numerous properties located on Park Way.
6. Concept Plans for 160-168 E Crescent Ave.
7. Concept Plans for 172-176 E Crescent Ave.