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News Report USR Mayor & Council Meeting February 3, 2022

Executive Meeting
The executive meeting was again not made open to the public.

Regular Meeting
In attendance: Mayor Joanne Minichetti, Councilmembers Sarah Drennan, Jonathan Ditkoff, Steve DiMartino, Arman Fardanesh, Joanne Florio, Roger Masi, Borough Administrator Ted Preusch, Borough Clerk Joy Convertini, Borough Chief Financial Officer James Mangin, Borough Attorney Robert Regan.

Council President Appointed
Councilmember Jonathan Ditkoff was appointed council president for the calendar year 2022.

Shade Tree Commission Liaison Appointed
Councilmember Joanne Florio was appointed Shade Tree Commision liaison for the calendar year 2022.

Green Team Member Appointed
Claudia Granger was appointed to the Green Team.

New Auditing Firm Appointed
The council appointed the Morris County accounting firm of Nisivoccia, LLC.  Nisivoccia has been hired to audit the books, records, and income and expenses of the borough according to generally accepted accounting principles. However, This accounting firm has been hired to audit and render an opinion solely with regard to its compliance with the borough’s funding sources such as its bond issuers, according to James Mangin, the Upper Saddle River Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This writer called into question this type of opinion in that it was highly unusual, and the borough has not charged the accounting firm to render an opinion on the financial health of the borough regarding complete compliance with regulations, laws, etc. Mr. Mangin stated that this was permissible according to state law.

Professional Services Appointed
The following companies have been appointed to provide professional services:
Bond Counsel:  Rogut, McCarthy, LLC
Risk Management Consultant: Nelson – Patterson Agency
Borough Planner: Burgis Associates, Inc.
Borough Engineer: Boswell Engineering Co.
Appraisal Services: BBG/ Izenberg Appraisal Associates
Affordable Housing Agent: Piazza & Associates
Borough Attorney: Robert T. Regan, Esq.

Teterboro Airport Noise
Several residents expressed concern about air traffic noise. Mayor Minichetti has created an Air Traffic Safety Committee and has appointed Council members DiMartino, Florio and Drennan to the committee. The committee will request a seat on the board of the Teterboro’s Aircraft Noise Abatement Committee. To register an air traffic complaint, residents may contact the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by emailing or calling (718) 553-3365. In addition, complaints may be registered at Teterboro’s noise office at (201) 288-8828, or or online at