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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Reorganization Meeting of January 6, 2022, via Zoom

Executive Meeting
The executive meeting was not open to the public.

Reorganization Meeting
Council members Adam Fardanesh and Joanne Florio were sworn in, as were members of the USR Fire Department and the USR Ambulance Corps. All were sworn in by Mayor Minichetti.

Minutes Approved
Minutes for the December 2 and December 30, 2021 meetings of the USR Mayor & Council Meetings were approved.

Committees and Council Appointments Approved
Members were approved for various groups including councils, commissions, and committees for specific terms.

Public Comment
Several residents addressed noise concerns they had regarding airplane and helicopter traffic. Mayor Minichetti explained that airport landing patterns (and take-off patterns) are determined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). (They are further determined by local airports based upon the FAA’s guidelines with regard to current wind direction and wind speed.) Mayor Minichetti further explained that it took Senators Lautenberg and Menendez over 10 years of working with the FAA to re-route air traffic from flying directly over Hackensack Hospital. She stated that she had formed a borough committee to attend local airport meetings. She did say that no other local municipalities had registered to attend these meetings. When our mayor inquired, the mayor of Ramsey said that she would attend these airport meetings. The mayor said that it would take a concerted effort working on the federal level, since the FAA is a federal agency, to enable changes in area flight patterns. There has been an increase in air traffic at Teterboro Airport over recent years. Helicopter air traffic destinations were unknown, at present. 

NEWS Brief: USR Mayor & Council End-of-Year Meeting of December 30, 2021, via Zoom

The council approved the sale via auction of 62 Sparrowbush Rd, a 2-plus acre parcel with wetlands at the rear of the property. The property is located between Carlough and Briarcliff Rds. A minimum bid price of $500,000 was set. The auction has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 27, 2022, at 10:00 AM.