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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Meeting of March 4, 2021

One Lake Street

$5.5 Million Bond Issue Introduced for Athletic Field

The first reading of a bond ordinance to fund the athletic fields to be constructed at One Lake Street was introduced. The One Lake Street Athletic Complex Project, as it is called, will be created and will include a multipurpose synthetic turf field, a basketball court, a walking path surrounding the field, parking areas, site improvements, field fixtures, etc. It was stated that residents can discuss and respond to this ordinance at the April 2021 USR Mayor and Council meeting.

Resolution Declares Contractor In Default of Lake Road Culvert Construction

Contractor Tricon Enterprises has been declared in default of its contract with the borough to construct a culvert on the west branch of the Saddle River on Lake Road. The resolution states that the contractor has not met contract specifications with regard to design and timely completion of the contract. (Resolution 67-21)

Resolution Urges State Legislature to Protect Police from Civil/Criminal Liability

Regarding underage (under the age of 21) use or possession of marijuana, hashish, cannabis or alcohol, the mayor and council are urging, via resolution, the state legislature to permit law enforcement officers to conduct investigations without fear of civil or criminal liability. (Resolution 64-21)

Sanitary Sewer Jetting and Television Inspection Services with Bergen County

The mayor and council are entering into an agreement with the Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority for sanitary sewer and jetting services and well as sewer television inspection services for the years 2021 and 2022. The Grove development at One Lake Street (formerly Pearson Education and Western Union) will have sewers. (Resolutions 56-21, 57-21)

Youth Shade Tree Member Appointed

Connor Sherlock was appointed as a youth member to the borough’s shade tree commission through 12/31/2021.