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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Regular Meeting of December 1, 2022

In Attendance: Mayor Arman Fardanesh, Council members Steve DiMartino, Sarah Drennan, Joanne Florio, Roger Masi, Borough Administrator Ted Preusch, Borough Attorney Robert Regan, Borough Clerk Joy Convertini.

Transparency Urged for Mayor and Council Meetings

While this online mayor and council meeting lasted for only 10 minutes with regard to the agenda, most of the meeting was taken up by resident, Eric Friis, requesting that the new mayor encourage meetings that would be more transparent and open. Mr. Friis highlighted the fact that no topics are discussed publicly by the council, and all votes have been unanimous. He stated that area municipalities like Mahwah and Saddle River have much more open and participative mayor and council meetings. He said that no one attends the Upper Saddle River Mayor and Council meetings because nothing is made public and participation has not been encouraged by the mayor and council in the past. Additionally, Rue Eisen stated that, when covering meetings for The Town Journal between twenty and twenty-five years ago, USR Mayor and Council meetings were much more open, attended by many residents and participative. More information was disseminated in years past by the governing body regarding police, fire and DPW reports. This should be revived, she said, to help residents be involved and informed.

Meetings to be Open to to the Public in Borough Hall and Zoom in 2023

Mayor Fardansh said that starting in January 2023, the mayor and council meetings will be at the held borough hall and open to the public in person, as well as online on Zoom.

The council voted to reject bids for the retaining wall along the Pleasant Brook near Possum Trail. When asked by resident Mark Bernhardt why the bids were rejected, it was explained that most bids were too high and the lowest bid was withdrawn by the bidder for incorrect math.  A second request for bids will be made, it was stated. 

Bills Paid

Bills in the amount of $3,888,556.30, were paid.

Raffle License

A raffle license for the USR Education Association was approved.