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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Regular Meeting of January 7, 2021 online via Zoom

Councilmembers Inaugurated
After stating the Pledge of Allegiance and holding a Moment of Silence in respect for the passing of Mrs. Sherry Anne Rauch, the wife of retired USR Fire Chief Lawrence Rauch, the annual January reorganization meeting for calendar year 2021 began with the remote swearing-in of two recently elected councilmembers, Mrs. DeAnne DeFuccio, Esq., and Mr. Steven DiMartino, CPA. Mayor Minichetti read the oaths which the councilmembers repeated at home in the presence of their family members. 

Police Department Oaths Taken
The following members of the Upper Saddle River Police Department were sworn-in:
Captain Edward Kane, Lieutenant Donald Hausch, Lieutenant William Lynch, Detective Sergeant Tara Kilduff, Sergeant Kevin McWilliams and newly hired Police Officer Jake Ciavelli.

Fire Department Officers Sworn-In
Officers of the USR Fire Department were sworn-in as follows:
Chief Arman Fardanesh, Assistant Chief James Levine, Captain Nicholas Bruscoe, Senior Lieutenant Robert Brigham and Junior Lieutenant Anatoly Burman.

Ambulance Corps Officers Were Confirmed
The following members of the Upper Saddle River Ambulance Corps were sworn-in: First Lieutenant Amy Lauren, Second Lieutenant Nolan Stern, Third Lieutenant Scott Gurian.

Council President Named
Councilmember Joanne Florio was unanimously appointed council president by the other members of the USR Borough Council.

Athletic Facility Presentation
The planned 9-acre athletic facility at 1 Lake St., planned to be built in a portion of the former Pearson Education/Western Union property, was presented. A committee has been formed and plans have been made for field construction of a turf field and lights for the following sports: baseball, football, lacrosse, and soccer to be surrounded by a walking trail. The construction cost is projected at $5.5 million to be funded by the open space referendum approved by voters in the November 2020 election, and by potential Bergen County Open Space Grants, for which the borough is submitting applications. The borough anticipates that the project will be completed over a 5-year period. The property had been acquired by the borough for $2 million, which was partially funded by a Bergen County Open Space Grant in the amount of $1.6 million.  It was stated at the meeting that there is room at this site for a possible community center or senior citizen center at a later time. A restaurant is planned to be built adjacent to this athletic facility, not by the borough and not on borough property. 

Consent Agenda and Resolutions
The consent agenda and all resolutions were approved. For more information, please consult the meeting agenda, which outlines all of the consent agenda items and resolutions for the January 7, 2021 USR Mayor and Council meeting, on  

Public Comment
There were no members of the public expressing comments at this meeting.