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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Regular Meeting of July 7, 2022

USR Mayor & Council Zoom Meeting 7/7/2022

Moment of Silence

A moment of silence was held in honor of Dr. Robert A. Hands, Jr., of Upper Saddle River. Dr. Hands was a pediatrician serving area residents for over 54 years, and was a resident of Upper Saddle River for most of his life. As stated in his obituary published in, “Dr. Hands was committed to the Upper Saddle River Community as a coach of girls’ recreation sports, a long serving member of the Northern Highlands High School Board of Education and a school doctor for the Upper Saddle River school system. He will be remembered by his family, patients and the community as a dedicated and loving father, doctor, and coach.”

New Police Officer Hired 

Police Officer John E. McIntyre, Jr. was officially sworn-in as a full-time police officer for the borough.

Departmental Reports

Departmental reports were received by the borough secretary from the police department, fire department, department of public works and the construction code office. No reports were shared publicly at this meeting.

Bills Paid 

The payment of bills to be paid by the borough was approved by the council in the amount of $4,148,385.33.

Ordinance 3-22 Second Reading on Parks and Playgrounds

This ordinance prevents the smoking of any substance including cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, hashish, vaping, etc. on any public park, playground, or playing field. This ordinance also  prohibits barbecuing and grilling on any park, playground, or playing field unless a permit has been issued for a borough or community-sponsored event by the fire department and recreation official.

Ordinance 4-22 Second Reading on Acquisition of a Portion of Land for Public Housing

The council authorized the acquisition of a portion of lot 5 on block 1016 which adjoins lots 4 and 6 already owned by the borough at 160-168 East Crescent Avenue for the construction of 25 rental units for public housing in accordance with the borough’s Housing Element and Fair Share Plan. The acquisition price is $350,000 as determined by a fair market appraisal. 

Ordinance 5-22 on bond issue for public improvements and equipment purchases

This is a bond ordinance for various public improvements and the acquisition of equipment in the amount of $2,933,000. 

1. Supplemental funding for the One Lake Street Park Athletic Complex in the amount of $2,225,000 will be funded by a down payment of $106,000 and 15-year bonds in the amount of $2,119,000.

2. The borough will acquire a street sweeper in conjunction with the Borough of Saddle River in the amount of $290,000, with a down payment $140,000, and financed by a 15-year bond issuing the amount of $276,000. There will be a shared services agreement with Saddle River. Upper Saddle River will be the lead agency.

3. Borough road improvements for FY 2022 in the amount of $418,000 will be funded by a $20,000 down payment and 10-year notes in the amount of $398,000.

Therefore, aggregate appropriations are as follows as outlined by the borough:

Aggregate appropriations: $2,933,000
Down payments:                     140,000
Bond Issues:                        2,793,000

Ordinance 6-22 Introduced Regarding Compensation of Borough Officers and Employees

This ordinance was introduced with no specific details given.

By Rue Eisen