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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Regular Meeting of August 4, 2022

USR Mayor and Council Meeting August 4, 2022 Attendees

In Attendance: Mr. Preusch, Mr. Regan, Ms. Convertini, Mr. DiMartino, Ms. Drennan, Ms. Florio, Mr. Masi, Mr. Fardanesh.

Reports Submitted

Reports were submitted by the borough police department, fire department, department of public works, and the construction code official. 

Bills Paid

Bills in the amount of $4,442,859.64 were authorized to be paid.

Raffle License

A raffle license for the use of the Diabetes Foundation was approved.

New Hire

A part-time tax assessor, Anthony Rinaldi, Jr., was appointed as a replacement for a former assessor. 

Shade Tree Committee Equipment Purchase 

The purchase of a  bucket truck chassis and body was approved by the council members. The committee has not, heretofore, owned a bucket truck. All trimming of trees by the borough was done  by hiring outside companies.

All consent agenda items were approved.

The meeting ended at 8:09PM.