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NEWS REPORT: USR Mayor & Council Regular Meeting of September 1, 2022

In Attendance: Mayor Minichetti, Mr. Preusch, Mr. Regan, Ms. Convertini, Mr. DiMartino, Ms. Drennan, Ms. Florio, Mr. Masi, Mr. Fardanesh.

Reports Submitted

Reports were submitted by the borough police department, fire department, department of public works, and the construction code official. 

Bills Paid

Bills in the amount of $8,863,933.65 were approved for payment. It was stated that 75% of these bills were for the borough’s schools and the regional high school. 

Consent Agenda

All eight (8) items on the consent agenda were approved.

Introduction of Ordinance #07-22

An ordinance was introduced authorizing several public improvements and the acquisition of new and replacement equipment and machinery as well as a new fire engine. This would entail the issuance of bonds in the amount of $2,012,500 to finance the same. This Class A pumper fire truck will replace the borough’s current 22-year-old pumper fire truck. A second reading of this ordinance will take place at a special USR Mayor and Council Meeting on Thursday, September 15.

Introduction of Ordinance #08-22

An ordinance amending ordinance #06-22 regarding employee and certain officer compensation was introduced. 

Introduction of Ordinance #09-22

An amendment of the borough code chapter 145 section 145-23.2 Schedule XI regarding mid-block crosswalks was introduced. A new mid-block crosswalk is planned to connect the Old Stone Church property and the Old Stone Church Education Center property near the intersection of East Saddle River Rd and Weiss Rd.