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6/6/2019 Executive Session, Upper Saddle River Mayor & Council

By Barbara Vitale

Present: Joanne Minichetti, Vincent Durante, Joanne Florio, Roger DeBerardine, Ted Preusch, Borough Administrator, Robert Regan, Borough Attorney, Joy Convertini, Deputy Borough Clerk, Barbara Vitale, Resident

Absent: Doug Rotella, Steve DiMartino, Jon Ditkoff

The meeting convened at 6:30 P.M. and it was determined that a quorum was present. At 6:35 P.M., Borough Engineer Kevin Boswell of Boswell Engineering arrived and the Council immediately went into closed session.  Barbara Vitale was advised to wait in the main area and the Council would let her know when they were going back into open session. Ms. Vitale was never informed that the Council was back in open session.

At 7:50, the doors to the conference room opened.

There was a discussion regarding the complaints about the conduct of solicitors.  According to law, you can solicit until 9pm. The No Knock ordinance can be enforced.  A lot of residents have signed up to be on the “No-Knock” list.

There was a further discussion about the realtors meeting with the Mayor, Jon Ditkoff and realtors from the area.  At the meeting, questions were answered, highlights of the community were offered, as well as suggestions on selling the community.  They will do more of these meetings.

Also discussed was the  formation of a stigma free committee to organize a community event, flood damage prevention (in which every town is directed to participate), a meeting that was attended by Jon Ditkoff regarding deer population control (which was tabled until the next meeting).

There was a discussion about complaints of political lawn signs on public property.  The Council may be able to limit signs on public property, further discussion tabled until the next meeting.

Also discussed was allowable street names for the Pierson property, further discussion tabled until the next meeting.